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Lazio villas

Lazio villas with pools, holiday rentals near Rome, vacation homes for hire, luxury accommodation to let in Lazio area of southern Italy. A quality villa selection from Villas du Monde, experts for self-catering villas in Lazio, Italy.

It is only in the last few years that visitors have awoken to the attraction of renting Lazio villas with pools, few have been disappointed. There is the obvious attraction of being near to Rome which can be easily accessed by train from most main towns.

Less obvious is the attractive coastline and the beautiful, sparsely populated rolling hills, volcanic lakes, mountains, ravines, vineyards and olive groves which lie to the north and south of Rome itself plus the wealth of Roman and Etruscan sites which lie amongst them.

Our holiday houses what to expect

Our range of villa accommodation in Lazio is well established. Many of the properties in Lazio are in the luxury category, they are refined and comfortable yet remain suitable for family holidays. There is even a beautiful villa near a lake as well as simpler cottage type houses. Above all our Lazio villas are reliable as they are inspected, tried and tested and because we have worked with them for many years our Lazio villa owners trust us and look after our clients because they know they can also trust us.

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Lazio villas
Lazio villas
We have 2 villas in Lazio.
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List's towns and villages from Lazio below :


Lazio travel
There are two International airports serving the Lazio region, Ciampino (CIA) to the south and Fiumicino (FCO) also known as Leonardo da Vinci, to the north which make the Lazio region particularly accessible from many UK regional airports. Low-cost flight companies operating direct flights to Rome include Easyjet, Ryanair and Vueling.

Lazio attractions
In the north at Bomarzo is the Parco Dei Monstri, a 16th-century sculpture park of fantastic creatures and monsters which are really enjoyable for both adults and children alike. Civitavecchia was once an Etruscan fortified port and today it is a fascinating village recently returned to the Italian people by the Vatican, it offers a delightful day out by the sea.

Another gem is the Etruscan acropolis at Cerveteri, it’s vast in scale and quite amazing to visit, again it is surprisingly enjoyable for children as well. Etruscan art is beautiful and the incredible mini pyramids are hugely atmospheric and surprisingly intact.

Around two hours drive to the east of Rome is Monte Termiillo, a ski resort in winter with beautiful hiking when the snows are gone.

Find out more about Lazio holiday attractions and Lazio holiday events in our more information section.

Lazio Weather
The Lazio weather is often warm and sunny, averaging 31 degrees centigrade in the summer holidays. It’s no surprise that grape vines grow so well here, and you will appreciate taking a dip in your villa's pool, particularly after a day out.

Lazio Time

Lazio region is set in the Central European Time Zone, that is an hour in advance of Greenwich mean time.

Lazio books to read

Rome by Robert Hughes (hardback by Weidenfeld and Nicolson) has been described as a combination of gossip and fact. Dan Brown's Angels and Demons is a fast moving story with Rome at its heart, light reading, but interesting. Rome The Biography of a City by Christopher Hibbert features on the intellectual agenda.

Lazio films to see

Tom Hanks stars in the film adaptation of Angels and Demons and there are many remarkable images of Rome throughout the movie. Gladiator starring Russell Crowe brings the trials of the coliseum into stark, a moving reality. 1959 film Ben Hur with Charlton Heston is the standout classic for chariot racing in Rome and Monty Python's Life of Brian surely one of the funniest movies to feature the Eternal city.

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