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Evia villas

Sporades and Evvoia villas from Villas Worldwide. The close proximity to the Greek mainland, beautiful mountains, endless beaches and bountiful springs and rivers have long been an attraction for settlers and visitors to this wondrous region whose lush landscape contrasts sharply with the more barren landscape found further south in the Cyclades.

This group of islands has a rich common heritage with whole generations of families migrating from one island to another in difficult past times. This group of islands was easily accessible for conquest and fell early to the Iolkos, followed by the Minoans from Crete and in turn for long periods by the Venetians and the Turks. Each leaving a rich heritage.

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Evia villas
Evia villas
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Evvoia, also known as Evvia, is the largest of the Greek islands after Crete and is one of the few isles where life carries on regardless of the ebb and flow of tourists. Quieter than the touristier islands of Skiathos and Skopelo, Evvoia offers an ideal destination for rambling complemented by cultural interest in local museums and lazy days on lovely beaches.

Chalkida on the central southern coast is the capital of Evvoia and has an excellent market down by the waterfront. Nearby ancient Eretria is the source of many significant archeological finds. On the south eastern tip Mount Ochi standing at 1,398m offers great walking with stunning sea views and down in the bay nestles the sleepy traditional fishing port of Karystos.

On the northern coast lies Kymi which was once a wealthy port back in the 1880’s and traces of its past are still evident in the local museum. Just along the coast there are vast undeveloped sandy beaches at Ochthonia. The inland village of Steni which lies on the verdant slopes of Mount Dirfys 1,745 m offers a pleasant change from the warmer coastal areas and is much frequented by day trippers.

Isiaia, a charming market town is the main area of habitation in the north and just beyond there lays Limni a picture postcard traditional fishing town. Loutra Aidipsou is well known for its warm spa waters and this traditional resort with its wide bay is one of the favourite spots on the island for visitors.

There are frequent ferries servicing the Sporades and Evvoia and the island of Skiathos also has international flights including charters from the UK. Evvoia has a good bus service and the road system makes driving around quite easy.

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